Work With an ADAPT-Trained Functional Medicine Practitioner Now

The California Center for Functional Medicine (CCFM) is a well-established and thriving Functional Medicine practice. Chris Kresser and Sunjya Schweig, MD, started CCFM together in 2014.

We have developed a professional and collaborative relationship with CCFM to best provide our community with a collaborative model of care that utilizes ADAPT-trained practitioners, nutritionists, and health coaches. CCFM is currently offering 100 percent virtual appointments as part of a membership-based service.

CCFM is run by Dr. Schweig and a knowledgeable group of ADAPT-trained Functional Medicine providers and staff. Chris continues to have a strong influence on CCFM’s approach to healthcare in his role on their advisory board and as the Director of Clinical Education

Tracey O’Shea, FNP-C, joined CCFM in 2015 and continues to be mentored by Chris and Dr. Schweig. She is also the director of the ADAPT Practitioner Training Program. Tracey and many of the other CCFM providers are currently accepting new patients. 

“I’m excited about our collaboration with CCFM as it allows us to refer our community members to practitioners, nutritionists, and coaches that have been trained in the ADAPT method that I developed. As the co-founder and Director of Clinical Education at CCFM, I’m confident that this clinic offers the highest level of Functional Medicine care available.”

— Chris Kresser

You can find more information about CCFM and their offerings here.