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Hear from five real graduates about what brought them to ADAPT, their experience in the year-long course, and what they’re doing now.

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In these case studies, you’ll learn how coaches:

  • How graduates transitioned from previous careers to health coaching

  • What fears or obstacles they overcame in completing the training

  • What they found most challenging, and most rewarding

  • How they’re building their businesses and getting clients

  • What advice they’d give students starting out in the training now

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See What Our Graduates Are Saying About the ADAPT program

Eric Ho

London, United Kingdom

“If I look back at my training from ADAPT, it really prepared me for [the moment my client shifted his mindset]. I had to be there fully for my client and allow that emotion and that grief to pour out. That one moment vindicated and showed to me, one: the power of coaching, two: the training that we’ve had through ADAPT, and three: how powerful it is to have positive change in one’s life.”

Sandy Swanson

Evanston, Illinois

“The thing that was surprising to me about these skills that I’ve learned as a coach through the ADAPT Health Coach Training Program is how they translate to my whole life and how I interact with other people. I’ve become a much better listener, which is everything. I don’t know if my friends and family notice it, but I notice it when I’m interacting. I’ve become a much calmer person in general. It’s changed so many things which I wasn’t expecting it to.”

Katie Semro

South Berwick, Maine

“What I really liked about ADAPT was the live component. I really feel like the live component made it. I have colleagues and friends from the program in a way that you just couldn’t get if you were doing a program off by yourself. To me, that’s been super valuable.”

MaryAnn Jones

Manhasset, New York

“Since becoming a health coach, I am a much happier person. There are still deadlines and pressures, but I am fully capable of handling it all. Integrating my career and passion has brought so much possibility and joy into my life.”