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Working as a Health Coach

Read stories of real health coaches working with real clients and find out how you can make a difference in this rewarding profession.

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In these case studies, you’ll learn how coaches:

  • Used empathy and rapport to help a client who was struggling with acne improve her skin health and feel better about herself

  • Helped their client uncover the real reason she had trouble eliminating dairy from her diet, even though it caused problems for her health

  • Leveraged positive psychology to support a client trying to recover from an injury

  • Employed reflective listening skills to ensure her client felt heard

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See What Our Graduates Are Saying About the ADAPT program

Linda Franchock

Port Matilda, Pennsylvania

“I have learned that my clients are very capable and resourceful individuals. Some need more support than others, but overall, they do have the answers. Once they become aware of how they might be sabotaging their own efforts or getting in their own way, they cultivate the courage to choose a path that aligns with their values.”

Wendy McPhail

Winchester, California

“I enjoy being the facilitator and letting go of having to be in control; letting the client talk, plan, and achieve on their own. And if things go another way; maybe not the way that I might think or want? It’s ok. The client will find the way that is right for them. Being a health coach has also helped me personally, in my own life; my own way of looking at myself.”

Danika Charity

Los Angeles, California

“I learned that there are many parts of our health, and healthy relationships are one of those parts ... Helping my client get into her body and acknowledge some of the emotions she was feeling was huge in helping her get in touch with how she wanted to feel and what she really wanted. There are so many things that can affect our health and I learned that I am well equipped to help guide my clients towards their goals and the vision of well-being that they have created for themselves, so long as I lead with curiosity and an open heart.”

Will Welch

Boulder, Colorado

“I learned that patience and unconditional positive regard for clients can have significant benefits when clients struggle to make immediate progress. Many clients want change fast and can get discouraged that change isn’t happening faster than they expect ... As a coach, just being there for them as a source of positivity, a brainstorming partner, and a collaborator for weekly plans can make all the difference in the world for a client who is stuck and frustrated.”